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Water Polo Clinic HIGHLIGHTS

-Enloe Academy Comes to You
-Proven High Level Coaching (See Here)
-Custom Clinic Planning
(See Here) to Best Match Your Team's Skills and Needs i.e. 

  • Overall Water Balance and Swimming
  • Offense: Individual Off Ball Fundamentals, Ball Handling, Passing/Shooting, Drives, Picks, Post-Ups, Center-Work
  • Defense: In the Lane, Drive Defense, Shot Blocking, Pressing the Ball, Defending Center/Post-Ups, How to Crash
  • Refining or Developing Team Offense, Defense, Transition, and Extra-Man

-Available Year-Around:

  • Summer Clinics
  • Preseason Focus on Fundamentals and Season-Long Planning
  • Mid-Season Adjustments and Game Strategy
  • Playoff Polishing and Countering Opponents Strengths

-Goalie Coach Typically Available
-If Number of Athletes Require More Coaches, Enloe Academy Has Access to Other High Level Coaches and Athletes
-Affordable Pricing

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