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Here are all the extra man passes you need to know. Please familiarize yourself head of the clinic

Start with your standard warm up, as these should be done after you’ve warmed up.

Overview Video

6 in 5 wide

Passes (Videos Coming SOON)

6-3 “The start of a great 6 in, and many, many goals”

6-2 “Sky high Mr. 2 Post, sky high”

5-3 “4-2’s Less popular twin sister”

5-2 “Oh did they forget about that guy next to the cage?”

4-2 “Does the highest percentage post pass need a nick name?”

4-3 “If they overplay the 4-2, slip the ball into the 3 post”

1-3 “Randy go and get it”

1-2 “Your 2 post must be a monster, AKA the lowest percentage post shot”

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