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This is the Enloe Academy coaching staff's distilled schedule of necessary movements to reach your potential. We are sensitive of time, so we wanted to offer only what we find are essentials. These should be done everyday focusing on power, quickness, and fluidity. More skills will be added.

Start with your standard warm up, as these should be done warm.


Lap 1 Explosive start with two strokes

Lap 2 Explosive start with 4 strokes

Lap 3 Explosive start with 6 strokes

Lap 4 Explosive butterfly arms focusing on glide

Lap 5 Reverse bicycle with switches

Lap 6 Perpendicular sliding

Lap 7 Post up from 5 or 1: Fake low and go high into post up

Lap 8 Three drive post up

Lap 9 Knock chop release 

Lap 10 Roll release

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