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Grip It & Rip It, Big Shot Shoot Out 2 on 2

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Grip It & Rip It Big Shot Shoot Out is 2 on 2 water polo that tests your attacking, shooting, field blocking, and goalie skills. Offense can attack as they would in a game: attack for foul shot, snipe from long distance, shoot quick, slide, fake, post up, lob, etc. Defense can sit back, attack, foul, just stay within the rules.

portland Tournament


We will be hosting a quick clinic on different strategies of attacking a zone as well as how to shot block. Then we will go into pool play for seeding and then an elimination tournament to see who is PORTLAND”S BIG SHOT SHOOT OUT CHAMPION!


2 Points for a goal
1 Point bonus for each bar hit on goals
Example: double bar in = 4 points offense (2 points for goal + 2 points for 2 bars)

1 Point for field block (definition: ball contact during shot by defender causing significant change in trajectory of shot)
1 Point for goalie two hand catch
Example: field block to 2 hand catch = 2 points defense
Example: field block to a goal = 1 point defense, 2 points offense

Money Ball:
For the last shot, scoring is worth double.

Starting positions:

Before each shot, passer starts on the shooter’s strong side, shooter behind the 7 meter buoy, field blocker on the 3 meter buoy, and goalie in the cage.

Game Play Set Up.png

Game play/Timing:

Each player takes 5 shots and has up to 12 seconds per shot. Quickly get your head to the buoy because the next 12 second play is coming up regardless. Offense does not need to wait for defense, but passer must wait for offense to get behind 7 meter buoy. Defense cannot defend next play until they have put their head on read buoy.

Round 1: Team 1, Player 1.
Round 2: Team 2, Player 1.
Round 3: Team 1, Player 2.
Round 4: Team 2, Player 2.

Then there is a 20 second break to switch offense to defense after the 5 shots. All players play each position once. Winner is the team with the most total points.


If you get ejected you must keep both hands down and get out of the way.


Pool play: tie games go to the team with the most field blocks.

Elimination play: each team is only guaranteed one shot and we go into tops shootout. If still tied, the other two players go. Continue until victory.

In championship play, ties mean we play again, but shots are decreased to 3 per player. If there is still a tie at end of first overtime game, shots are decreased to 1 per player until a champion is crowned.

Game etiquette

  1. Don’t break the rules.

  2. Toss balls back towards passer.

  3. Rebound missed shots if you are watching.

NWPF Ball.jpg


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