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Supreme Quality: In order to maximize athletes' knowledge retention, Enloe Academy strives to create a fun, comfortable, and highly informative learning environment focused on presenting all the information through all the three of learning pathways.  

High Level Coaching: All of our clinics will be lead by high achieving athletes and coaches who most importantly know how to communicate and have a true passion to assist younger athletes become more confident, skilled, knowledgeable, and driven.  

Team Hosted Clinics: Enloe Academy can come to your team. Preceding the event, the we will work together in developing a personalized list of goals and clinic outline for your individual team.  As Enloe Academy runs the clinic we encourage having your coaches along side us so we can better transfer our knowledge to your coaches. We will reiterate, explain the skills, and align vocabulary. When the session completes, we will suggest how to best reinforce the learned skills and suggest subsequent skills and drills to work towards. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with your team, and we will look forward to answering questions in the future. 

Enloe Hosted Clinics: If your player comes to us, we will have a list of skills we will work planned in advance. Please view our calendar for currently planned events and join the mailing list to be the first to learn of upcoming Enloe Academy hosted clinics.